So I’m a Mom. Mother. Mama. Mum.

Will and IWeird.

I have wanted to be a mother forever, my mum recalls me stating this at six years old. I just remember the plan, at 25 have 3 kids. Well no, plans are great but there is the whole tracking down the parenting partner thing. I finally found “the Daddy” and realized I was 37 … Ack, quick lets have as many kids as possible. The Daddy said yes, great that sounds amazing and I want that too. Then we had Will. Amazing perfectly wonderful special snowflake that is Will. Energetic, Tasmanian devil, non sleeping sparklepony that is Will. We, the parents, were stunned.

Wait how do people do this, are all of their kids not sleeping and eating like teenaged boys at 2 years of age? Another one? Now? Um no. No. Right? We are saying nope. Yes, completely no more for now. Agreed. Zzzzz *cough* zzzzzz

I still wake up at 2 am listening for now 4 year old Will to cry for water or whine that Rainbow Dash is missing or Ugly Kitty got in a fight with Chocobo and now there is a war on. He still does occasionally wake us although not quite so much.

I wanted to be a mother. Needed it. Lamented it’s absence and of course more importantly the absence of the little humans known as children. In some ways I still lament it because there is no magical Mother robe, someone just hands you a wriggling wrinkly alien that had residence in your tummy for the last nine months and says good luck.

Suddenly this filter hits your life and everything gets seen through it. Should we go to the movies? How much is babysitting? Is the house clean enough to let a babysitter come over? How much is the movie? What about that Lego set he has been begging for? Can I actually stay awake past 9pm anymore? Will they get annoyed if I sip whisky in the movie theatre (the answer is yes)?

Holy crap yes, yes I’m a mom but all I want to do is go to the ^%#*€?£ movies!

But I’m a mum and he makes me special cards and says things like “Mom I love you and I like you.”

And then it doesn’t matter anymore. The three of us cuddle on our little couch, sip whisky (milk for Will duh), watch the Croods yet again while the dog tries to find a two inch space to cuddle in with us. And it’s awesome, and I’m the mom, and the Daddy is amazing and the Will is a special snowflake that is worth all of it.

It is like nothing I expected and yet it is better and weirder. Yup weird.

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  1. I love this so much. I never especially wanted to be a mom but I started to feel that intense need in my late 20s. And then I worried it would never happen.

    I know it will be a challenging time but I’m looking forward to it. I’ll rise to the occasion. I know every moment won’t be perfect but I will love being a mom. I’m already loving it and they aren’t even here yet.

    You all are an amazing family and Will has wonderful parents. Thanks for the blog post!


  2. My wife is a stay at home mom with our 2 sons (1.5yo & 2.5yo). She’s a veteran, and there’s days where she wishes she could re-deploy to Iraq, just for a break. But those days come and go, the amazing, once in a lifetime moments with your child never fade away.

    Parenting, the most rewarding, challenging, frustrating, fun, amazing, eye opening, selfless, constraining, loving, mind bending, heart warming, & oddest thing you’ll ever go though.


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