NP – Ep 8 – Foster the Little People


Big thanks to Shawn Coons & Kerry “Cleeo” for joining us on this episode of Nerd Parents! We discuss what it’s like to adopt or be a foster parent, fear in the media & in us, family game night suggestions, solicited feedback & our 1st giveaway!

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Discussion References
Congrats to Kerry for her winning essay on 3E Love

Woman wrote a “scathing obituary” about her mother and why she has no regrets

What Foster Parents Wish Other People Knew

News articles like these can make a new parent never want to leave the house

Some funny books on pregnancy & babies to help lighten the mood: Bun in the Oven & Let’s Panic about Babies
Milk in my Sippy Cup!

Family Game Night!
Recommendation from Nicole: Sesame Street Family Play – Free with in app optional purchases Who needs Flappy Bird when you have Flappy Bert :) – Free
Recommendation from Shawn: Blokus, Tsuro, Small World, Dominion, Forbidden Island, Dungeon Roll, HeroScape
Recommendation from Kerry: Chutes and Ladders and Boggle.

Great app suggestions from listener Ruth: BlipPhoto & Duck, Duck Moose apps

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks to Davey and Ruth for their emails.

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