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Big thanks to Kelly (from Movielicious poster fame :) and Eric Mahler (from Mr. Mom Daily) for joining us on this episode of Nerd Parents! We discuss sleep training, shots, book recommendations, the worst advice given to us, what happens when mommy or daddy leaves town, picky eaters & family game night suggestions!

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What We Find On The Internet
Book Recommendations: Confessions of a Scary Mommy, Duck Tape Parenting

Something to try and help with the pain of shots: Buzzy Pain Relief System

What happens when Mom leaves town – As someone who use to travel a lot, I can verify most are true :)

Family Game Night!
Recommendation from Nicole: Sharing with DuckieDeck – $2.99 iOS & GooglePlay
Recommendation from Kelly: Battleship, Carcassone, Pictureka & Candyland. Lego and Kinect games on the xbox. DEMOS! Munchkin for the grownups. Kindoma and and Petting Zoo are fun apps.
Recommendation from Eric: Tsuro and Indigo

Thanks to Chris for the game recommendation at the end of the show. You can find him at Boards & Swords for more game recommendations!


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  1. Hi I’m a mum to twin girls aged 7 months. I would like to say thank you for your podcasts not many people in my town are nerdy like me and don’t get it. It’s nice to hear other people having similar issues! It’s reassuring and it made me feel human. So thanks muchos love from the uk xx


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