NP – Ep 5 – Sharing Your Kids Online


Big thanks to Scott & Kim Johnson of My Extra Life & all things FrogPants for joining us on this episode of Nerd Parents! We discuss is technology making us lazy, going from just the 2 of you to the 3 (or more) of you, shaming your kids online, how parenting has affected our nerdy interests, & family game night suggestions!

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The Internet is Fun
Why you shouldn’t shame your kids on the internet

Family Game Night!
Recommendation from Nicole: Elmo Loves 123 & Elmo Loves ABC – both are $4.99
Recommendation from Marc: Mattress Catapult (the more springy the better :)
Recommendation from Scott: Battlestar Galactica & the gym
Recommendation from Kim: Mad Libs – Paper & iOS & HeadsUP iOS

Solicited Advice References
Thanks to Rob & Erin for their emails!


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