NP – Ep 4 – Internet Drama


Big thanks to Len and Nora Peralta of Jawbone Radio, Geek-A-Week & Monsters by Mail for joining us on this episode of Nerd Parents! We discuss Facebook drama, having a large family, potty training and much more!

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The Internet is Fun
Here is a video of a drawing Len did for me years ago: The Zombie Whisperers. Here is how you can hire Len & get some amazing artwork.

Josh Shipp – Helping Adults Understand Teens & Teens Understand Themselves

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Check out some great music over at

Great Geeky Music for Kids!
Robot from The Baby Grands

Family Game Night!
Recommendation from Nicole: The Wiggles’ Alphabet Adventure – $2.99
Recommendation from Sam Jane: KiwiCrate! Sign up here and get $10 off
Recommendation from Len: Telestrations & Rock Band
Recommendation from Nora: Pit

Solicited Advice References

Has anyone tried the iPotty? Yes it’s real

Thanks to Jim for his email!


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