NP – Ep 3 – Keeper of the WiFi


Big thanks to Brian Dunaway of Comics Coast to Coast, Film Sack & The Final Score for joining us on this episode of Nerd Parents! We discuss laundry, restricting access to wifi, sleep deprivation, game suggestions for kids that like to role play, & how to balance traditional vs tech heavy parenting styles.

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The Internet is Fun
Brian referenced using XBMC on the OUYA (XBMC works on the PC as well)
We drool over SkyDog: A Web App and Smart Family Wi-Fi Router

Nicole backed a Kickstarter project called SoapSox and Mateo’s bathtime is a lot more fun :) Stuffed Animals in the tub!

Family Game Night!
Recommendation from Nicole: Chug Patrol – $4.99 – iOS & GooglePlay
Recommendation from Brian: Skylanders
Recommendation from Cleeo: Several ideas for toddler games that the big kids can get into! Scavenger hunts, “Power Tubes”, Washi Tape/Popsicle Sticks and matching, String art

Solicited Advice References
My Tot Clock – please note that it’s a little bright so you might put some window tint film on the front (good for the windows too!)

Great games to RPG games for kids: Lego Marvel, Lego Star Wars, classic Dungeons & Dragons or Dungeon Board Game

Thanks to Derek, Ryan, James & Lady Steinberg for their emails!


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