NP – Ep 10 – Chores Can Be Fun


Big thanks to Chris Bergman from & Sam Jane for joining us on this episode of Nerd Parents! We discuss Christmas babies, sick kids, being away from home, should kids be rewarded for chores, how kids learn, family game night, toddler translations & solicited feedback!

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Discussion References
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Should kids be rewarded for doing chores?

A list of resources for healthcare professionals supporting development of executive function skills.

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Toddler Translation
Have a mp3 or video you want to send in to be on the show? Email us at nerdparents at gmail dot com and be sure to let Nicole know the word your little toddler is saying :)

Family Game Night!
Recommendation from Nicole: Tiny Firefighters – Free, Happier – Free, 100 Vehicles – Free with $1.99 to unlock all vehicles, Toca Pet Doctor – $2.99
Recommendation from Chris: Disney Infinity, Monthly board game night: Agricola, Dominion, Small World and Resistance.
Recommendation from SamJane: EduCreations, Strategies for Regrouping with addition & Wikipedia

Thanks to Dan from GeekAllStars for his game recommendation at the end of the show: Monza

Congrats to our first giveaway winners, Kate & Daniel!

Thanks to Mark, Felicia & Jessica for their questions and emails on Solicited Advice

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