NP – Ep 0 – Oh Ya This Is Happening


It’s our launching episode and our panel of parents include NicoleSpag, Cleeo & SamJane! We promise for our 1st episode we will get some daddy perspective in the show :)

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The intro song is from Mr. Eric Van Skyhawk. Pick up one of his awesome albums on iTunes!

In this episode we discuss some of the resources we use for support & guidance.
From Nicole: (When pregnant) Pregtastic
From Sam: Whiskey & Tea
From Kerry: Sanctimommy on Facebook – warning: satire. Satire can be HARD.

Family Game Night!
Monster Socks: $2.99
Endless Reader: $4.99

Want to be on the show? Send in your questions for the Solicited Advice segment of the show!

Nerd Parents is a proud part of the FrogPants Megafeed and can be found at!

Once we are in iTunes I’ll be sure to update Facebook & Twitter. Thanks for everyones support as we launch this show!

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  1. Nicole you are such an awesome content creator! With a almost 3 y/o and almost 1 y/o, I’m excited to see what you bring together for this and looking forward to getting some tips.

    P.s. My female character in FFXIV has a short pixie cut, so whenever Seba (my almost 3 y/o) asks to watch me play he always says “Daddy, I wanna play boy and make him jump”. His 2nd favorite thing in that game is to have me walk up to any kind of fire (candles, torches, bonfires) so he can watch the fire. :-)


  2. Haven’t heard about this and I subscribe to frogpants mega feed lol. Sounds like a good podcast. I look forward to it showing up on my feed! Tomorrow I’m guessing. 😉


  3. This podcast combines two of my favorite genres: parenting and Frogpants Network podcasts. I thoroughly enjoyed episode zero and cannot wait for future episodes. I can tell already that this podcast is going to be one of the ones that I cannot wait to drop each week. Can’t wait to see what’s to come, ladies.


  4. I just learned of your podcast after hearing Nicole on Cordkillers. I’ve really been missing a good nerdy parenting podcast since Jumping Monkeys stopped years ago. I listened to the first half of this episode during my morning commute and LOVE IT! Keep up the great work and I look forward to a short podcast binge while I get caught up.


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