Nerd Parents 43: Happy Holidays


This episode goes out to all of our Nerd Parents supporters! Kerry, Eric and Nicole talk about holidays, making gifts, cooking holiday dinner, cookies, temper tantrums, night terrors, toddler translations, family game night and solicited advice on kids refusing to poop and great resources for kids to learn programming!

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Discussion References
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Getting cheese for Colette :)

Going to try and go free/cheap christmas from Pintrest

A very toddler Christmas activities

2 hour turkey

13 Tips for handling night terrors

Sample phone contracts for teens to sign

Family Game Night
Nicole: Puzzles, Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar, Lego Movie Lego Game
Eric: Sportsfriends on PS3/PS4, Eden on iPhone/iPad
Kerry: Rummikub, XboxOne: You Don’t Know Jack, Fibbiage, Drawful

From Kristina: Great resources for teaching kids programming & engineering – Digital Dream Labs, 8 Toys that Expose Kids to Programming and Engineering, Code Combat, MOSS and a great list of toys that teach computer programming

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