Nerd Parents 42: It’s Good to Give


This episode goes out to all of our Nerd Parents supporters! Dan “Geek Jock” Patriss and Nicole talk about night terrors, going to the library, puberty, getting involved in charity, World Prematurity Day, fun learning songs, lots and lots of great family board games, family game night and solicited advice!

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Discussion References
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Dan’s charity event he runs at Gamers for Cures and Nicole’s Charity event at Woodworkers Fighting Cancer

Great post on how to handle & recognize Night Terrors

A wonderful collection of learning songs your kids will probably love

November 17th was World Prematurity Day. Share your story over on World Prematurity Day’s Facebook page. 51 preemie babies then and now

Tips for saying a secular grace Nicole’s favorite is the Johnny Appleseed song

12 signs of constipation in a child

Family Game Night
Nicole: Pley – Lego rental subscription!, Trivial Pursuit
Dan: Shrimp Cocktail, Rhino Hero, Splendor and Hed Banz
From listener Saskia: My First Carcassonne Game, Ghost Blitz, Rummikub and Colonists of Catan Junior

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