Nerd Parents 39: Annoyingly Festive


Kerry, Nicole & Eric talk about decorating for the holidays, pumpkin patches, parents that act worse than their kids, riding the bus, school dress codes, helping kids handle stress, family game night and solicited advice on handling our kids behavior!

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Mom Cleverly Dresses Up Son’s Wheelchair With Amazing Halloween Costumes

Talking Point: Why yoga pants are incredibly dangerous to today’s youth

Book recommendation from Saskia Unconditional Parenting

New Podcast recommendation: Dad’s of Destiny

Family Game Night
Nicole: The Great Cookie Thief (iOS and GooglePlay), Mateo learned to ride his Tricycle!
Eric: LiquidSketch on iPad and MiP, the Balancing Robot!
Kerry: Rummikub

Thanks to Dan from GeekAllStars for their great game recommendation at the end of the show: King of Tokyo Halloween expansion Head over to Gamers for Cures to find out how you can participate in the 24 hour board game marathon benefitting the Turner Syndrome Society.


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