Nerd Parents 38: Back it Up


Matthew, Nicole & Eric talk about potty regression, going to the laundry mat, why you should back up your pictures, dropbox, converting physical media to digital, imaginary friends, preparing for a birthday party, kids sticking stuff up their nose, family game night and solicited advice involving being an only child and socializing for shy kids!

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Discussion References
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If you aren’t using Dropbox, use this link and get an additional 500MB of free space.

Groovebook: Use this great service to back up your pictures from your phone. Use the code SPAGNUOLO32 and get a free book full of 100 pictures
Brain Child Magazine

New Homestar Runner!

Toddler Translation
Thanks to Adam and Sky for sending in a clip of little Theo!
If you have a mp3 or video of your cute little toddler you can send it in to be on the show! Email us at nerdparents at gmail dot com and be sure to let Nicole know the word/phrase your little toddler is saying :)

Family Game Night
Nicole: Miniature Animals, Disney Infinity 2.0
Matthew: Logo Game (iOS) and Mario Cart 8
Eric: Retron Retro Gaming System, Tearaway & Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People

Thanks to Dan from GeekAllStars for their great game recommendation at the end of the show: Fearsome Floors


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  1. Hi Nicole and the Gang,

    After Hearing Your conversation on scanning old pictures and using flatbeds to do them, I figure I recommend a really good app for you and I never leave home with out it. its called TurboScan

    its free right now but i do remember paying for it, but its worth it.
    what it does is it take 3 pictures of your documents ie, receipts, pictures, or anything on paper. and converts it into almost anything (PDF, JPEG etc.)

    give it a go, its worth it. keep up the good show and always looking forward to the next one. Kris from up cold up north (Canada)


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