We have a number of awesome parents that come on the show. Here are the regulars!

MarcMateoMecrio Nicole & Marc Spagnuolo – Nicole is originally from the midwest, now enjoying summer all year round in AZ. She works from home & is constantly striving to balance work/life/fun. She has a wonderful husband named Marc (who may show up on the show from time to time) & is the mom to Mateo (2). You can find her on Twitter at @nicolespag

kerry2 Kerry “Cleeo” Chai – Boston-bred but KC-located. Wife to Aaron (also known as “The Luckiest Guy EVER”), bleeds coffee and loves Pinterest. Indifferent about laundry. Part-time super hero and overtime indentured servant to Sarah (14), Eden (12), and Colin (4). Fluent in Sarcasm, Snark and Toddler. Drives a big red cliche (minivan). You can find her on Twitter at @CoffeePlz

eric Eric Mahler – Born and raised in SLC UT, he’s a stay at home dad/videogame lover/movie watcher/coffee drinker/podcast rambler/fool of self maker/all around nerdy guy. He and his wife Christine have a spunky girl named Colette (7) and an energetic boy named Thaddius (9 months) who keep them very busy. He does a daily podcast called Mr Mom Daily about being a stay at home dad.

Untitled-1 Matthew Peterson – Somewhere in the Midwest, Matthew cruises like a shark, only not so sleek or shiny. Father to Widget, who is 10 going on 36, he enjoys comics, The Twilight Zone and all sort of geeky stuff (much of it featured at www.majorspoilers.com.) The answers to his most frequently asked questions are as follows:

1) Never on Saturday.
2) Scarlett from G.I. Joe.
3) Yes.
4) Bags AND Boards.
5) Mulch.

Follow him on Twitter @MightyKingCobra for nerdery, pretty pictures and snark.